Introduction to WPU


WORLD PHOTOGRAPHY UNION(WPU) Was registered with the Hong Kong,  China in March 2019. It is an international non-profit photography organization that unites Professional photographers and Amateur photographers around the world.
WPU is committed to the exchange and research of photography between Country or region of the world.
Participating in the WPU-certified Contests, You are eligible to apply for WPU Distinctions and win Medals.

Web Site:http://www.wpu-photo.org/



WPU photographers are classified into 15 grades of Stars Rating(SWPU), Blue Crowns(BCWPU), Gold Crowns(GCWPU), etc. Participate in CIPA-Hosted Contests. Acceptances 16 points per image. In the WPU-certified Contests, Acceptances 8 points per image.You can win the corresponding bonus by winning the title of “Blue Crowns” and “Gold Crowns”, but you must apply to WPU and receive it after passing the examination.Photographers are not allowed to use the same image to participate in the same contests of each year.


Participants who register for any WPU-certified contests website must use the same and unique name and e-mail address. Participants with the same Given Name and the same Family Name can register, but we are distinguished by different mailboxes.  If the same entrant uses a different name or uses the same name but uses a different email registration, we think it is a different entrant, the photographer’s points will be calculated separate, please be careful!


Photographers who have obtained the Distinctions of other photography organizations such as PSA, FIAP, GPU, can apply for the corresponding WPU Photographic Distinctions, but no bonus.The application fee is: Stars Rating (SWPU) / $100, Blue Crowns (BCWPU) / $200, Gold Crowns (GCWPU) / $500.




1、The WPU Certification can only be awarded to contests with a marked international character and accessible to participants from all over the world without restrictions. Not limited to salon.


2、First completing the WPU certification application form on the WPU platform http://www.wpu-photo.org/application-form-1.php. After completing the application, In five days, Send the contests plan to the email wpu-photo@qq.com.

先在WPU平台 http://www.wpu-photo.org/application-form-1.php 填寫WPU認證申請表,填寫完成後,在五天內將比賽方案發至郵箱:wpu-photo@qq.com.

3、Upon review of the WPU certification application form and the contests plan, WPU informs the contests chairman to pay according to the certification fee and of the postage and the amount purchased medals, The payment supports PayPal.


4、After WPU Finance receives the full fee, Immediate informs the WPU medal official to issue the WPU certification number and medal to the contests chairman.


A、Certificate with a numbering code, which refers to the year and the contests number (e.g. :WPU-2019108). The certificate must be shown at the contests or projection and a copy of it may be inserted in the catalogue. The year is defined by the closing date of the contests.


B、WPU LOGO,They have the obligation to use the WPU emblem on their invitations, folders, posters, catalogues and all other means of promotion for the contests. The regulations must mention that the contests is run under WPU Certification as well as the given Certification number. Organizers of international contests, that have not received WPU Certification, do not have the right to reproduce the WPU logo.

WPU LOGO,他們有義務在他們的邀請,文件夾,海報,目錄和所有其他促銷活動中使用WPU標誌。法規必須提及競賽是根據WPU認證以及給定的認證編號進行的。未獲得WPU認證的國際比賽組織者無權複製WPU標識。

C、Medals addresses,Please fill in the exact mailing addresses so that the medal can be delivered smoothly. The address of the person that the Medals will be shipped, whether the Chairman or some other person, to MUST be entered using the English Alphabet to be sure the Medals are shipped to the correct address. Special glyphs, diacritics, or characters common in some languages, especially the Baltic countries, Turkey or the Eastern Mediterranean, can result in the address being incorrectly interpreted which in turn results in you not getting your medals in time.

獎牌地址,請填寫準確的郵寄地址,以便獎牌能夠順利送達。必須使用英文字母輸入 獎章將被發送的人的地址,無論是主席還是其他人,以確保獎章被運送到正確的地址。某些語言中常見的特殊字形,變音符號或字符,特別是波羅的海國家,土耳其或東地中海,可能會導致地址被錯誤地解釋,從而導致您無法及時獲得獎牌。

5、Recognized contests information will be showed on WPU contests List for all visitors.


6、Responsibility of WPU,The fact that WPU is granting its Certification to a photographic contests does not imply that it is liable or responsible for any faults or wrongdoings committed by the organizers towards participants and/or third parties.